Getting Started

PST (Personal Storage Table) is a file format for use with Microsoft software such as Outlook, Windows Messaging, and Client Exchange for storing copies of messages, calendars, and other data items stored on your server. PST can be imported and searched within Onna.

How to Guide

To import your PST into Onna begin by going to Add Source and selecting the Folder icon.

The Add New Folder window should pop up. You can enter the name to your source and either drag all your PST files into the shaded grey area at the bottom or browse to your selected PST files.

Once you have selected your files you can click done to start your import.

After processing you will see your PST as one file.

However, you can run searches inside your PST using the search bar.

In the view details column, you will be able to see your PST's information including Total size, Total files. To export files out of your PST in their native formats you can select Export all files and it will begin the export process.

Data Exports

You can export your data, metadata, and native files from the PST. Load files are available in a dat, CSV, or custom text file.


What is the maximum file size for a PST in Onna?

The maximum filesize for your PST in Onna is 2GB.

I cannot see my embedded documents in my search.

You can change your User Preferences options modifying what files you can see in your searches. For more information on User Preferences, you can check the article here.

Accessing audit logs

Learn how to see the source's collection audit logs in this article.

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