How-to guide:

If you have a Workspace created you can upload folders directly to the Space.

To do this navigate to the desired Space.

Next, drag and drop your selected folder into the empty area of the Space.

You can use this method of upload if you would like to retain the folder structure.

Subfolder navigation & search:

If the folder you've uploaded contains subfolders, you can search through the subfolders by simply clicking on the desired subfolder or you can right-click and select "Search within".

You can navigate through the UI to search for the desired folder or subfolder.

Currently, the feature to directly search for folder and subfolder names using the search bar is not available.

Folder Options:

When you hover over a folder, you'll see a menu symbol (three dots) appear on the right hand side of the folder name.

Clicking on the menu will show you the following options for folders where you're an owner:

  • Share - Selecting this option will open a modal that allows you to share the folder with a user or group.

  • View Details - This will take you to a details page for the folder where you can see the date added to Onna, date last updated, total size, and total number of files.

  • Rename - Use this option to rename your source.

  • Move to - This option will allow you to move the folder to another workspace or folder.

  • Add new folder - Use this option to create a sub folder within the folder currently being viewed.

  • Export - This option will allow you to export the entire folder.

  • Delete - This deletes the folder and the files within it. This action is irreversible.

Please remember uploaded folders/files will still need time to be processed in Onna for your searches with larger data sets needing more time.

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