What is Identity Mapping?

Identity Mapping in Onna associates the data from a user in an application with a unique identity in Onna. Utilizing this identity, in Onna you can then search and find all of the relevant data associated with that identity across multiple data sources.

Adding Identities to Onna

Adding Identity Sources Directly

Select the Identity Mapping option from the left-hand taskbar.

In the Search Identities menu Click the Add Identities option.

Now, select your desired source identity to sync.

Enter the credentials to grant Onna authorization.

Once granted you will get a notification that your source identity will finish soon.

Adding Identities as part of Enterprise Syncs

When adding Enterprise Sources in Onna, identities sources will automatically be created for each authorized connection saved.

Searching Identities in Onna

Searching for Identities within Identity Mapping

To search through your identities, in the main Identity Menu you can select your desired source or use the search bar.

For finding identities with the search bar you can type in a few characters to begin.

You will be forwarded to our search screen with additional filters for email domain and Origin source to help further define your search.

If you select by source you will have the ability to filter for identities using the search bar and Email domain.

Note: If a new source has just been created in Onna, the User Identities may not have fully synced into Onna yet.

Viewing Identity Details

Once you locate your desired identity you can see the number of accounts and their icons mapped to the identity. Clicking on the identity or the three ellipses that appear will allow you to view details to the identity.

You can view the details of the account by clicking on one of the pull-down menus. It will give you more information regarding the Identity's account in the source such as first and last name, status in origin source, date added to Onna, and last update date.

Searching for files by identity

You can search for all files associated with your desired identity using basic search. Select your desired workspace or source and enter "@" along with the name of your desired identity.

Once you begin typing the identity's name it should pop-up in the menu below your search.

Once selected all files associated with that identity should populate in your results.

Identities and Preservation

Identities are the building block for the preservation functionality in Onna.

For more information on Preservations in Onna you can check our article here.

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