Q3 2020 Product Updates

Our Q3 Product Quarterly Release Notes will tell you everything that is new and improved in Onna. As always, we welcome your feedback, and if you have questions or require support you can email support@onna.com


New Product - Onna Compliance

We announced our newest product at BoxWorks 2020 – Onna Compliance. Built with compliance conscious teams’ biggest pain points in mind, Onna Compliance aims to help users automatically and continuously search, classify, understand, and control sensitive data in a way that ensures compliance across their organization.

Whether that means having ultimate visibility into what sensitive information is being shared or keeping up with rising regulatory policies like GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and more, Onna Compliance helps you gain visibility into your data like never before. Learn more about Onna Compliance and our announcement, and contact us for a demo!

New Features

New Integration Alert - Zoom

As remote communication and collaboration continues to soar across various organizations and industries, Zoom stands at the forefront helping a whopping 260,000+ customers stay connected via video, voice, content sharing, and chat. This why it was obvious fo us to add Zoom as an integration. Admins can now add a Zoom data source to Onna.

The Zoom connector will alow you to select a date range, sync type, and the accounts you would like to sync. Meeting records in the platform will include the date and time for the meeting, the available participant information and the recording, if saved in the cloud.

Reference this support article to collect from Zoom today.

Other Important Updates

Slack Collection Improvements with Date Bound Syncs

For large enterprise archives, collecting data from every channel can take time. Channels will now be uniform in their date range in Onna and more efficient in staying up to date.

Quip Enterprise - Sync Improvements

We’ve optimized our integration to have to make less calls to the API and capture user and document information more efficiently to bring data into the platform faster.

Edit Preservation

We have added the option to edit your Preservations in Onna inside your Preservation space by clicking the three ellipses and selecting "Edit preservation" from the menu. The optionwill alow you to add additional custodians, content, or edit the time to preserve.

Copy and Moving Files to Folders

When moving or copying files, you can now create a folder in the same step.

Mirroring Native Folder Structure
Onna will mirror the folder structure from your Microsoft OneDrive source in Onna. You can sync your specific folders and subfolders and see the data as it is in OneDrive in Onna to improve navigability and search experience. Additional sources coming soon!

Google Drive - Shared Folder Expansion

When syncing your own Google Drive source, you can now expand the Shared Drives you have access to and sync just the sub-folder that you want.

Webhooks for Compliance Smart Actions (Onna Compliance)

Webhooks for Compliance actions can now be shared with other users, un-shared, edited, disabled and enabled, as well as deleted. Access your webhooks under the Compliance menu under your Admin Preferences.

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