Q1 2021 product updates

Here are the most significant product updates for the first quarter of 2021. Here you can find what’s new, improved, or fixed in Onna. If you have feedback, questions, or need support, you can email support@onna.com.

Feature highlights

Authorized connections support Microsoft Teams

You can now add Microsoft Office 365 Teams Enterprise admin credentials to Onna and share them with others to collect enterprise data.

Preserve Quip Enterprise sources

Onna now supports preservation for Quip Enterprise. When creating a new preservation, you will see a list of your compatible Quip Enterprise sources.

Support for UK Pay As You Go plans

The Pay As You Go subscription plan is now supported in the United Kingdom too. To see the option, select your country from the dropdown and enter your international ZIP code.

Slack Enterprise, select custodian channels

After choosing your custodians, you can now view and select the channels that they’re members of. This feature allows you to target only channels that are relevant to your investigation for the selected custodians.

Other Important Updates

Add people faster to your preservation with auto-complete

We implemented email validation when creating a preservation and added auto-complete when a matching user email is found. Now, when you start typing a name and you get a suggestion, you can press the Return (⏎), comma (,), or semicolon (;) keys to auto-complete the entry. We also improved the copy and paste so that all the emails that you paste are validated and marked in red if not found.

We have improved the CSV import experience. A progress indicator will now appear to give the user feedback on the status of their upload and generate badges for both matching and non-matching email addresses.

Export files remain available for 7 days instead of 30

For security reasons, we have reduced the number of days exported files are available for download from 30 days to 7 days. You can still reactivate the expired files if you need to download them again later.

Advanced features are no longer beta

The advanced functionalities available in the admin preferences are now fully supported, so we removed the "Beta" label. Exception made for "Contract detection", which remains in beta.

Identify shared preservations

You can now identify shared preservations straight from the list of results because they have a green icon indicating that they're currently shared with other users.

Source availability checked when creating a Preservation

Preservations are currently supported for Slack Enterprise, Google Suite, and Quip Enterprise. The check for compatible sources is now done when you try to create a preservation. This will save you time in filling out information only to find out later that there were no compatible sources.

Delete your SAML and SSO configuration

You can now delete your own SAML and SSO configuration from the Admin preferences without having to contact our support team to do this for you.

Access authorized connections below your profile

We moved the authorized connections menu option under your user profile to give you quicker access to the feature.

Filter by preservations

When searching, you have a new filter option available to view documents that only belong to preservation spaces. The option is located in the filter configuration.

Faster Slack users email address validation

We’ve improved the process of verifying and matching Slack users to their email addresses. As a result, you can now process a larger list of user accounts faster.

Get notified when channels can’t be retrieved in custodian collections

When you’re creating a custodian collection and we can’t retrieve the user’s channels, an error message will be shown informing you about the issue. We recommend canceling the creation and restart the collection if this error is shown.

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