Release notes - May 10, 2021

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New features

Add and share admin logins for Microsoft Outlook Enterprise. Creating collections for Microsoft Outlook Enterprise requires admin permissions in Outlook. Now, Onna admins can store admin logins in Onna and share them with you to connect to Microsoft Outlook Enterprise as an admin and create collections. For further info, check our Help Center article on how to authorize connections.

Improved features

New name for the Microsoft Teams Enterprise connector

The connector used to be named Office 365 Teams Enterprise connector, but now you will find it as Microsoft Teams Enterprise, which is in line with the official name.

Faster sync speed for Quip Enterprise company-wide collections

The number of calls made to the Quip API when collecting company-wide information is now reduced, resulting in an improved sync speed. For now, you can create this collection only using the API and we recommend only one of these collections per account since this will collect all of your Quip data in one place. If you want help in creating this collection, contact

Users no longer selected by default when creating a Microsoft Outlook Enterprise collection

User accounts used to be all selected by default when creating a Microsoft Outlook Enterprise collection. They are no longer selected, so that you can filter your desired accounts right away, without having to deselect them first.

Fixed issues

  • An error was displayed when creating a Quip Enterprise collection with a custom Quip URL

  • The replies to messages in channels collected from Microsoft Teams are no longer in reverse order

  • Moving subfolders from a Workspace to the My sources area wasn’t working

  • Sources being preserved were not displayed in a Preservation’s details panel

  • Emails collected from Google Workspace did not display the file size information in the list

  • An error was displayed if a Preservation’s name was too long

  • Some Slack emojis weren’t displaying correctly

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