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New features

Cloud transfers via SFTP

Exporting data can become a time-consuming task when you have to wait for the download to finish and then upload it to your review tool. With cloud transfer, you can export data directly to a secure FTP destination and load it automatically in your preferred review tool. Additionally, by bypassing downloads to personal devices or local servers you have more control over your data and increased security.

Cloud transfer Notifications

When you enable the cloud transfer for your export, you can enter up to 20 internal or external email addresses to be notified when Onna completes the transfer of your export. This will optimize communications between your organization and external council who is waiting for your exports to arrive.

Export Progress Dashboard

You will never have to guess again when your export will be ready. Our new progress dashboard provides you visibility on the status of the volume generation and the cloud transfer.

Save and Restore an Export Template

Configuring your exports could be time-consuming when having to decide which meta-data should be included in your export. You can now save your export configurations as a template and reuse the template the next time you create an export.

Export Sharing

Share your export with other administrators or standard users of Onna who could assist you in completing your export workflow so that you could share the responsibility.

Improved features

Microsoft Teams - Syncing Accounts

When syncing a new Microsoft Teams connector, you have the option to enter the user email addresses now or loading the full user list as before.

Box - Improved Loading for User Accounts

Users who may have experienced a timeout when loading all of the users from their Box account in the setup of a Box Enterprise data source will no longer experience the timeout.

Fixed issues

  • "Only a CSV can be uploaded" error appears when uploading a CSV file

  • Resource ID not displaying in processing audit logs

  • Unable to delete data source that misidentified as part of legal hold

  • Data sources are not being rescheduled due to issue related to the scheduled source limit

  • [MS Outlook Enterprise] users loading automatically when using "authorized connections"

  • Microsoft Teams - Fix Related Users - User Type in conversation schema

  • Zendesk - Do not fail a resource when unable to retrieve image thumbnail

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