Configuring your exports could be time-consuming when having to decide which meta-data should be included in your export. You can now save your export configurations as a template and reuse the template the next time you create an export.

For a short video overview of Export Template in Onna, please see below:

Navigate to the Export page and select the previously generated export you would like to use as a template.

Once you have selected the export you can view the configuration of the export by clicking on the ellipsis next to 'Export configuration' as seen below.

Once you have have confirmed you would like to use the export as a template, exit from the above pop-up. Click on the ellipsis in the top right hand corner as seen below and select 'Save export as template'.

You will now be required to provide a name for your template. Click on the arrow on the right hand side to save the template after a name has been provided.

The template will now be available to select when you configure a new advanced export in Onna.

In order to manage existing export templates navigate to the export page. Click on the ellipsis found in the top right corner and select 'Manage export templates'

From this page you will have the ability to view the configuration details for templates, rename templates, or delete a template. In order to view these options click on the ellipsis found on the right hand side of each export template as seen below.

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