Share your export with other administrators or standard users of Onna who could assist you in completing your export workflow so that you could share the responsibility.

Navigate to the Export page and select the export you would like to share. Within the export click on the share icon located in the top right hand corner.

From here you can provide the name of the user or group that you wish to share the export with. You can also provide a message that will be included in the email to the user.

Note: If your organization has setup only internal sharing then you won't have the option to share with people outside of your Onna instance.

Finally to give the user access to the export click on 'Share', the user will now have access to the export from their account.

In order to revoke access or view the members that currently have access to the export click on the 'Share' icon again found within an export. Select 'Manage members', from here you can now review all users who have access to the export.

In the event you need to revoke access to an export click on the red X located on the right hand side of the user name.

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