Read about the most significant product updates we released on June 21, 2021. You’ll find what’s new, improved, or fixed in Onna. If you have feedback, questions, or need support, you can contact

Improved features

These are the improvements to existing features that you will see starting from this release.

Loading Slack Channels

For the non-enterprise Slack connector, the loading of channels has moved to a background task and we’ve added a loading icon while the channels load. You will no longer have a timeout occur for very large accounts.

Cloud transfer status on the Export Listing

While viewing the export listing, the status column will now refresh to display the latest progress of your cloud transfer.

Export Listing options

When viewing your exports, clicking on the ellipse button will provide options for sharing or deleting your export.

Deleting a Cloud transfer

You will now have the ability to delete a Cloud transfer.

Link an export to a Cloud transfer

If you have an existing export that was not associated with a Cloud transfer when you created it, you could now link the export and transfer your data.

Fixed issues

These are the most relevant bugs and issues that we fixed with this release.

  • Hide field name for 'Conversation started Participants' & 'Labels' when viewing a Slack conversation.

  • Data sources are not being rescheduled due to an issue related to the scheduled source limit.

  • The "Extracted text" field is missing from Metadata searchable fields in the Advance search.

  • An "Account is required" error from the first time signing in.

  • Customers with large data sources experienced timeout errors.

  • A 401 error received when generating exports.

  • A download error with Dropbox Business Paper Doc.

  • Scheduled Connector jobs not getting picked up.

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