Read about the most significant product updates we released on July 7, 2021. You’ll find what’s new, improved, or fixed in Onna. If you have feedback, questions, or need support, you can contact

Improved features

These are the improvements to existing features that you will see starting from this release.

Standardize the language when searching for deletions

A new search modifier (has:deletions) is now available when performing a basic search. Its predecessors (has:delete, has:deletes) are no longer recommended and will be deprecated in 2022.

Fixed issues

These are the most relevant bugs and issues that we fixed with this release.

  • Issues with uploading a CSV file for Preservations.

  • Cannot create new export templates.

  • Tagging is no longer available for files.

  • Data sources are failing to be rescheduled.

  • Cannot copy documents to an empty workspace.

  • "Security" Session is not invalidated after a password reset or change.

  • "Advanced Search" Dropdown to select list for 'Parent Source name' fields missing.

  • "OnPrem" Messaging-API is causing a CrashLoopBackOff error of "NotImplementedError."

  • Smart alert tagging not triggering reindexing.

  • Preservation syncing sometimes shows an unexpected error message.

  • Non Admins are not able to view users who are included within a preservation.

  • When viewing Slack messages, sometimes the Block text is cut off in PDFs.

  • "Viewer" breadcrumb: menu button and link separators are blue.

  • "Viewer" breadcrumb: when refreshing the page the content of the breadcrumb changes.

  • "Viewer" breadcrumb: links accessible from the menu are cut.

  • "Viewer" breadcrumb: the displayed links are sometimes duplicated.

  • "Viewer" breadcrumb: Favorite button is not always displayed correctly.

  • "Viewer" Breadcrumbs are not displayed in the viewer at various times.

  • "Viewer" Links displayed in the breadcrumb sometimes lead to a not-found page.

  • "Slack Enterprise" Selecting "Sync all channels" - no channels will be selected to sync for custodian one-time sync when not waiting for the channels to load.

  • Incorrect Sync End date when sync finish date is not set to today.

  • "Slack Enterprise" From time part of start date of the sync now set to 00:00.

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