Read about the most significant product updates we released on August 2, 2021. You’ll find what’s new, improved, or fixed in Onna. If you have feedback, questions, or need support, you can contact

New features

These are the new features you can enjoy in Onna starting from this release.

Microsoft Teams connector can now collect chats and more

With the updated Microsoft Teams connector, you can now collect one-on-one and group chats, as well as channels. While creating the collection, you can also upload users from a CSV file. Additionally, when you search for group chats, their title is shown in the results, so that you can spot relevant results more quickly without relying on chats participants only. For further information, visit our Help Center.

Improved features

These are the improvements to existing features that you will see starting from this release.

Microsoft Outlook Enterprise - Collect Future Users

When setting up an auto-sync or archive source for Microsoft Outlook Enterprise, newly added mail accounts can automatically be added to your collection by enabling this option.

Exporting Conversation Meta-Data option for MS-Teams

With the recent release of collecting Microsoft Teams one-on-one and group chats, you will have the capability to export conversation meta-data for Microsoft Teams.

Customize the size of your Exported Volumes up to 10-gigabytes

When your export is generating the volumes, you can now have up to a MAX size of 10 GB. Using a bigger volume size is most effective if you are using Onna’s Cloud transfer feature, as it will reduce the number of volumes and make it easier to unpack.

Fixed issues

These are the most relevant bugs and issues that we fixed with this release.

  • Fix collection of multi-party and direct messages for Slack Enterprise, when collecting from multiple workspaces.

  • Corrected “Sync any user created in the future” element position for Google Workspace.

  • Multi tagging is not working.

  • "Zendesk" Error 401 prevent data source from completion.

  • Additional error messaging in audit log on failed exports.

  • Audit logs for wallet creation are not working.

  • Unable to delete an older folder.

  • Removed unnecessary scrollbar on the "My Onna" page

  • Queue data sources "NoneType" object is not subscribable

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