Read about the most significant product updates we released on November 22, 2021. You’ll find what’s new, improved, or fixed in Onna. If you have feedback, questions, or need support, you can contact

Improved features

These are the improvements to existing features that you will see starting from this release.

See Private vs Public Channels in Zoom

When loading the channels a user is a member of the icon for Private Channels will now show as a Lock. Public channels will continue to appear with a #.

Fixed issues

These are the most relevant bugs and issues that we fixed with this release.

  • "Preservation" Exporting a preserved source will include non-preserved content

  • After creating the first datasource, the empty source page appears

  • Transfers that are in progress when the consumer pods restart will not restart

  • "Export" Export link expires before export is available to download

  • Password cannot be reset when the email address contain capital and lower-case letter

  • Applying filters doesn't update the filtered search result numbers

  • Menu option is not visible on Authorized connections Page

  • "Saved Search" Parentheses removed from saved search queries

  • get_users endpoint returns 400 error

  • "Search Results" Resource source information not display correctly when searching

  • Filtering by 'No Text Content' does not organize resources correctly within appropriate channel

  • "Export" Source specific metadata fields missing when exporting an entire Datasource

  • "Preservation" Unable to view entire list of invalid emails

  • "File Viewer" Certain styled texts are not displayed correctly.

  • Link to a Cloud Transfer popup showing corrupted text, when a user needs to Re-enable the download

  • Deleted User still has data syncing into Onna

  • Export fails to complete due to expires on field being null

  • Credentials are removed when the user selects the "Suspend adding" option.

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