The Onna Pay as You Go Plan allows you to create a workspace, connect your apps, and collect data within minutes using our best-in-class connectors. Your workspaces and data source(s) can also be shared with one additional user.

Your Pay as You Go plan includes:

  • Up to 2 users

  • 50 GBs of processed data

  • One-time sync

  • Basic search

  • Unlimited exports

  • Additional processing on demand

Plus, you can use our connectors to collect data from the following apps:

If you need to collect from other apps, need more users or more data, you can upgrade to an enterprise plan.

Get started with Onna:

The Onna Help Center may contain references to features that are not available in a pay as you go trial.

Create a workspace

A workspace is a collaboration area that, once created, allows users to identify, collect, process, search and review their data collected from external applications.

Read more on how to create a Workspace.

To archive data in Onna, you will need to upgrade to an enterprise plan.

Create a collection

Once a workspace is created, you can begin collecting data from external applications by leveraging that application’s respective Onna connector (also known as sources).

Read the following articles on how to collect from specific applications:

Read here for more information on how to get started with sources.

Read here to learn more about syncing your data sources.

Add users

With a pay as you go account you can have up to two users. Onna administrators can invite users to the platform, assign/edit user permissions, and create user groups. To learn more, read about how to add users, share a workspace, your search results, or exports.

If you need more than 2 users, you will need to upgrade to an enterprise plan.

Search and filter data

Onna provides powerful search options that include the ability to search within an individual data source, within an individual workspace, or across all workspaces.

Read more on how to search in Onna and how to use filters.

One-time sync mode

Onna Pay as You Go one-time sync provides a snapshot of your data at a specific moment in time. With this sync mode, Onna connects to your application(s) and collects the data available within the date range you choose. If you don’t choose a date range, Onna will collect all data that is available.

To keep the data in Onna synchronized with your applications, you will need to upgrade to an enterprise plan to access our auto-sync or auto-sync and archive features.

Export your data

Onna provides many options for exporting data that can be configured in a variety of ways. The options include exporting fields, data sources, searches, and even sharing exports.

With your pay as you go account you can export up to 100 MBs of data, after which you won’t be able to download the exports you create. If you need additional exports, contact Onna to learn more about upgrading to a paid plan.

If you have other questions or need more information on a particular topic, please contact our support team.

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